“A car’s headlights don’t light up the entire path, only the very next steps.”
What this explains is that when driving at night, a driver can’t expect to clearly see every twist and turn of the road ahead of time – the headlights don’t show the entire path, instead, the headlights only reveal the very next thing that needs to be done.
This directly applies to our lives. Too many of us try to plan out futures. We set 5 and 10-year goals and try to map out every step of the way between now and then.
But here’s the thing, a lot will change in those years. So much so that your plan could be completely different.
Not to mention that trying to plan out the exact details of your life can cause stress and lead to less joy in the present.
Most people ponder on where they’re going in life and how they’ll get there that they forget to plan on how to navigate through the present.
They often want to have a plan for the next 5 years and know exactly where they’re headed. But over time this only wore them down and leave them stressed out.
Job interviewers can also take a cue from this – everybody you find good enough to invite for an interview want to progress in their career for sure, but since they are only humans and can’t see the future, don’t expect them to answer that famous ‘where do you see yourself in x Years?’ question.
Instead of trying to see 10 years from now, focus on just two things:
– Am I heading in the right direction?
– What’s the very next step?
If you know these two things, you can stop worrying about the future and focus on the present.

Author: Yemi Olarinre