Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger  (Aidan Gillen) has been chatting about his role as the chief manipulator in the blockbuster series, in Game Of Thrones season 7.

But as you probably expected, the slimy manipulator will continue in his tricksy ways.

“I finished last season on a promising note by laying my cards on the table — at least to Sansa,” Gillen told EW.

“I was [sowing seeds of doubt about Jon Snow] throughout my appearances in season 6, and, yeah, that will continue. It’s pretty obvious what my game is there. We’re playing out that final exchange in the Great Hall in Winterfell.

“But [at] the same time my character is becoming quite aware that Sansa is becoming as bright as me and just as wary of my manipulations of her. They’re onto each other. They use each other. They enjoy each other. And they keep a lot from each other.

“There are all kinds of mixed things going on with Littlefinger and his relationship with Sansa, so watching her grow in stature is quite enjoyable.”

When asked whether Baelish recognised Arya Stark when the pair crossed paths way back in season 2. You may remember the scene: where Sansa was posing as a servant for Tywin Lannister, and spilt some wine on Littlefinger. The two shared a look.

“It was unclear if he recognized her or not, but I have my own thoughts on that,” Gillen said. “Yes, I did recognize her – I just didn’t say anything or do anything about it.”

Author: Yemi Olarinre