Popular internet gifs search engine, Giphy has introduced new gifs, numbering about 2000 to help users learn about sign languages.

The new extensive library of new gifs of words and Phrases in American sign language is to aid communication between the hearing people and the deaf community.

Learning new languages could be hard and learning sign languages are harder. Most times, you are left wondering what those languages mean and how people understand them.

Each GIF is a short looping video of sign language educator signing a word or phrase repeatedly. Some of them are just simple gestures; other can be series of intricate motions.

The GIFs are organized by categories like facial expressions, emotions, sport, holidays, family and so on.

All of them are fun to look at and even if you don’t want to learn the sign language.

You can find the American sign Language by either searching for “Sign with Robert” on the Giphy website or organically stumbling upon them while searching for certain words.

You can search for words based on categories including date, time and weather; expressions; emotions; lifestyle; sports; food and cooking; holidays; transportation and travel; emergency and disasters; people and family; and education. The words and phrases include expressions like “rolling on the floor laughing,”

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Author: Timilehin Boyinde

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