At 15: “When I make that beautiful girl my girlfriend I will be happy!”

At 20: “When I get out of University and make money I will be happy!”

At 25: “When I can buy a brand new car I will be happy!”

At 30: “When I can build a bigger business and make more money I will be happy!”

At 40: “When I can buy a house like my friend has I will be happy!”

At 45: “When I can….”

It’s in everybody’s selfish human nature to be constantly thinking about what they need, what they want, what they deserve, what they’re missing, what others did wrong to them…

Everybody just simply want more!

It’s never enough!

This is how we want to achieve happiness: ME, ME, ME! Self-fulfillment!

We think that happiness is hidden at the “top of the mountain.”

Many of us admire those who got “there.”

Image: StarsUnfolded

They are the richest people on planet earth. Everything is at their feet. They’ve conquered the mountain of human success!

They should be totally fulfilled and happy. Shouldn’t they?

They are now entitled to go and enjoy themselves in retirement and live like the Romans in Gluttony!

They deserve it, don’t they?

Surprisingly they got there and couldn’t find it!


Well, now they are giving it all away!


How is this possible?

I believe there’s a way to happiness but it’s evasive and deceiving.

It goes against all what the society, as it is today, has made us believe.

It’s totally opposite of our selfishness.


Actually, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet created: The Giving Pledge

The Giving Pledge is a commitment by the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to giving back.

You may think: “They have it all! The rest of us are struggling financially. There’s no way that giving the little money that I have will bring me happiness!”

But here’s the catch! NOT ONLY MONEY!

If we want friendship: We’ve got first to give friendship.

If we want respect: We’ve got first to give respect.

If we want energy: We’ve got to give energy (exercise).

If we want love: We’ve first got to give love.

If we want happiness: We’ve first got to give happiness.

This is a life principle: The more we give, the more we receive.

Somewhere in this wisdom hides the secret to human happiness and fulfillment.

Try it!

“No! I don’t feel like giving! What about me? They should give me first!”

See what I’m talking about?

Peace to the world!

Author: Yemi Olarinre