I woke up partly vexed and partly scared. You will know why…

I had a dream…

I was with my friends in church. We are a large group of friends that are church girls. We are supposed to be born again.

One of us lived a wayward life back at school and for some reasons, her past had come to haunt her.

I can’t particularly remember what she did to trigger it, but there was so much hate coming from everywhere! In church! Everyone had a nasty thing to say about her past. She was scared and felt rejected.

I stood up for her. Went to meet some respected elderly people and was shocked at the hate coming through their nostrils. It felt like a gang up.

My dear friend noticed something bad was about to happen to her and she took off.

I, on the other hand saw a need to address the situation , so, I started a small lecture. I noticed even our other friends were equally nasty and I began speaking with rage or is it passion. At some point, I started speaking to the gathering ‘in tongues’ ( guess I was tired of English, lol).

I didn’t see my friend again.

Someone said she had done the worst-committed suicide. I felt some kind of relief, knowing she wouldn’t/couldn’t do that but it was good distraction for all these other people planning evil for her.

The story doesn’t end here but….

This message is for someone no doubt.

You feel rejected, dejected, trampled, abandoned because of your past- I am here to tell you, regardless, Jesus loves you and God is crazy about you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an ex-convict, adulterer, fornicator, thief even witch. Your past is behind you and you, are ahead!

The people you think you can trust have teamed up against you and bad as it is, they are planning to hurt you, know this; God will give you the wisdom you need for a way out.

When you want to confuse ‘your enemies’, pray in tongues or when you are exhausted and helpless scatter some tongues!

I wonder why the illustration had to be with church people. Does it mean the greatest rejection is from where we should be accepted the most? Or is the church guilty of this?

I just wanted to share this quickly so peradventure someone is planning to take a drastic measure, they will stop in their tracks and know that God has got their backs.

I am praying and definitely rooting for you.

Make I go prepare for my owambe!


Author: Siju Yusuf