The much-awaited Game of Thrones sixth book `The Winds of Winter’ appears to finally be on the horizon as there is a tentative release date. 

An Amazon France placeholder page recently showed a new release date that sent fans into a frenzy. The retailer’s site has the novel listed for a March 9, 2017 release date.

The sixth book which is supposed to be in tandem with the movie’s Season Six is not as it appears to be lagging behind the movie.

By the time the sixth book is released, fans of the movie will be getting set for the Seventh Season of the movie which is scheduled for a few months after March.

The lack of synergy between the book and the series is of grave concern for fans as it appears they have been abandoned by the Author.

George R.R. Martin has apologised several times for delaying the release of the sixth book of the Song of Ice and Fire series.  

Hopefully, the aforementioned date will yield his fans something. It is noteworthy to point out that this date was not from the author himself.

If released at the stated time, it would make it an over five-year gap between Book five and Book six.


Author: Ekpeki Donald Pen Prince

Ekpeki Chovwe Donald styled the PenPrince is a writer and lawyer in equity. He has an unhealthy interest in wit, pun and poetry. When he’s not writing, he’s reading and when he’s not reading, he’s breathing. He breathes words.