In the past week, there was report of a suicide at the University of Lagos involving a 300 level student identified as Jacobs, studying microbiology.

Report says the suicide was committed through the intake of insecticide, ‘sniper’. The occurrence was tragic indeed and it defies reason. Why would a budding young man resort to such extreme.

Though it is said that no one knows what troubles the young, the advent of social media today should have rendered that saying useless. The death remains puzzling as the deceased is known for his good grades and very healthy relationship with his peers.


As troubling and serious as his death was, the events following it were even more bizarre. Four students of the University on a courtesy call were arrested for allegedly trying to exhume the corpse for resurrection. They have since been detained on charges yet to be disclosed and currently cooling off behind bars in Abeokuta.

The family of the deceased have raised objections to the suicide claim by the students and alleged foul play, saying their ward was murdered by cultists.


While cult executions generally happen in a public manner, being the nature of executions and the object mainly to inspire fear, one cannot totally rule out the claim of the parents.

It does though happen to be a very bizarre one as the boy was said to have died from the work of the sniper insecticide, and in a non-violent manner. Also, only in rare instances would a fraternity resort to poisoning, an act more in keeping with assassinations. Who would want to assassinate a 300 level microbiology student? It also was not reported if he had a love interest.


Whether or not there was foul play at work, it is unlikely that tagging the death a murder would console the victim’s family. It is also quite possible that matters are not being viewed clearly by grieving family members and four possibly innocent students are suffering behind bars, for at best a possible resurrection attempt.

These events are currently ensuing at the University of Lagos and the ULSU and school authorities are currently on top of these events.

Author: Samson