You have been procrastinating, making excuses and putting off going to the gym for so long when you know you really ought to be on your workout grind burning those calories, sculpting that butt, toning those arms or generally keeping fit. Blame it on your busy work schedule, school run or lack of ‘ginger’. Whatever it is, we have a not so conventional fashion fix that could get you out of that rut and give your gym-spiration a 100% boost.

Let us face it, a healthy body is a sexy body and a sexy body slays both in and out of clothes. So here is the big question, how do stay constantly gym-spired aka gingered? Simple! We say go shopping for brand new workout gear! Yeah it is that easy.

Fashion through clothing inspires us to go out, be seen and be noticed. Since Active wear is the new ready-to-wear, what better way to show off your style than spotting a nice pair of yoga pants, neon colored sneakers, a firm sports bra and a sleeveless talking-tee as you do those crunches, squats or jog back and forth the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge. A lot of celebrities like Kim K, J Lo, Jessica Alba, Bonang, Toke Makina, Genevieve Nnaji and more do it and so could you! Looking good to the gym is not just about showing off but boosting your confidence whilst working out to achieve that dream body.

Applying this principle to your gym clothes would be the first step to kicking your excuses out the window and eventually you’ll become gingered by all the stares you’re getting and of course the progress you’re making because like it or not, working out (seeing the results) is addictive. So go on girl, just do it!

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Author: Cerebral Lemon