Hacking In Movies Vs. Hacking In Real Life

Hacking In Movies Vs. Hacking In Real Life

TBH, Hacking in movies is just ridiculous.

First of all, have you ever seen a hacker in a movie take longer than 10 minutes to hack something? Ever? They usually hack their target in less than a minute. That’s just incredibly inaccurate.

Hacking takes a loooong time. It might take days, or weeks to hack something. Things with high security might take even longer.

The hero can’t just say, “Quick, hack the bad guy’s phone and track him!” And have the tracker 10 seconds later. It takes time to hack a phone.

My favourite ridiculous cliché, is when the hero says “Hey, I need an aerial view. What can you do for me?”

The hacker casually says, “No problem. I’m gonna hack a satellite real quick. *types for 10 seconds*. Alright, looks like the baddy is on 1st street”

Come on. You just hacked a satellite. In 10 seconds? By typing? That’s just BS.

Second, hackers are always able to hack 20 different things. One minute they’re hacking security cameras, then traffic lights, then power supplies, then a freakin’ satellite.

You can’t just flip flop around like that. Hacking methods are very different for different targets. Sometimes you need a device on location. Sometimes you need a different hacking device. Sometimes you need a physical connection.

You can’t just sit in a cave with a laptop, and hack everything on Earth. It just doesn’t work like that.

Movies get hacking so wrong that it’s almost comical. You’d think people that use computers to create their entire movies would understand at least the basics of computer security and hacking, but apparently not.

Author: Yemi Olarinre