For companies that value “quality” over “quantity”, they seem to understand the importance of the well-being of their workers. In a company like Google, which is arguably one of the best place to work in the world, the founders understood the untapped resources that can be gotten from happy workers. The resting pods, the playground, the ping pong table, is not being non-chalant, it is catering for the individuals that work for them. They understand two simple fact: Human beings are not machines and stressed workers will equal stress work and that in turn results in stressed output. It might hide under a shade of an okay number for the company, but you never know what that output is like when you take out the stress.

Most jobs require a lot of mental work, in whatever sphere, you depend on your brain to function – to analyze a customer’s problem and solve it, drafting a proposal, creating content, using Revit to draw up a client’s idea, whatever work it is. On an average, in most places, a lot of people do not tap their full potential. It is worse, in developing countries, where you travel to work, spend most of your hours trying not to pass out or sweating it off in a cramped bus.

According to a research as seen on Distractify.com, in America, you spend, 4.3 years of your life driving a car and about 3 months of your life in traffic. Of course, this is bearable in a country like the United States, but not in a place like Nigeria, where we probably spend 5 years of our life in traffic inhaling fumes that will more likely do more harm than smoking a pack of cigarette a day. I often said sometimes, that “Lagosians and not smokers are more liable to die young.”

Without further romanticizing over pain, C.E.O’s, Head of groups, Project leaders, Executive Officers, you should start caring for the people working under you a little more. Why? Because if they die, their blood will be on your hands. Just kidding! But on a serious note, the majority of the diseases and ailment around now is as a result of a bad lifestyle.

To be more convincing, I’ll show you what you stand to gain.

  • Lower health care cost: in the same vein, they show up at work every time they are not sick.
  • Enhanced employee productivity: this means more money. More money.
  • Employee retention: everyone would stay in a place that keeps them happy.
  • Enhanced co-operate image.
  • High increase in organizational commitment: This is basically your workers thought, “you care for me, I will care for your work.”
  • You are in turn happy knowing you are making life easier for others. Not everyone would be Mandela, sometimes it’s an indebted gratitude another human feels towards you. Again, a little empathy never killed anyone.
  • More money, yes I have mentioned this before, but for further emphasis, I mentioned it again. Increased productivity culminate in more money for the business.
  • They would include you in a “thank you” speech for whatever they win an achievement for; Oscars, Future Awards, Peace Prize.

The good thing is, it could be done in little ways, and we all understand everyone is not having it easy. We would all be surprised how far these little things go. But let me categorically state that this isn’t an attempt to coax you to build the next “Google”, all am saying is that, sometimes supply free dodo for everyone.

Author: Cerebral Lemon