The expression “Health is Wealth” is one that has been around for quite a while. It is also one that will be referred to by most youths today as being hackneyed or outdated.

The average twenty first century youth’s attitude to health matters is one of at best, casual interest or outright dis-concern.

What could be responsible for this nonchalance towards the issue of health?

It may be that youths generally being in the prime of their lives enjoy passing good health and thus generally don’t feel inclined to worry about something that seems fine for the moment. Or it may be that they are just caught up in the everyday pursuit of their dreams and desires.

Whatever the reason, they would do well to alter this nonchalant attitude towards health matters for should the age old expression prove to be true, their wealth acquisition endeavours would be seriously hindered. Not to mention that ignoring such a vital issue could have dire consequences.

Even those with only a rudimentary knowledge of medicine and biology should be aware that with time, the body becomes less responsive to treatments. It is at a young age that health is most easily managed. As the body ages, it becomes harder to treat illnesses and manage health conditions. These health conditions that may have been mild during youth may likely escalate as complications arise with age. By late adulthood, a person is at the threshold of health crises.

Apart from complications arising and formerly mild issues escalating, entirely new health issues altogether may arise. That is why more than casual interest in and in-depth knowledge of health is encouraged during one’s youth. Such will enable one to alleviate and sufficiently manage those problems that occur with age.

Ignorance they say is costly. In the area of health, this is doubly so. Knowledge of health matters will enable one to be conversant with diets that are considered healthy by health experts. Certain lifestyles are advised against and certain others encouraged. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the former and regular exercises among the latter. Regular health check-ups at health centres and hospitals would also be in order. All these and much more are required to manage the health issues that come with age. Also of great use to health management is preventive measures and health maintenance drugs. Regular perusing of health materials, magazines, books. Interest in other media like TV programs and internet articles relating to help issues will keep one updated and on the know how about necessary health matters.

A popular bible verse inquires rhetorically what it would profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul. In the same vein, we can ask what the profit is for a man if he loses his health but gains wealth. Little profit there is in that dear reader. So it is highly encouraged that your health take primary importance for only in the availability of health can wealth truly be enjoyed. In fact wealth without health would prove to be a source of frustration and the owner of the wealth would find his wealth scant comfort when health is absent. In fact he may find his wealth being enjoyed by others who happen to possess the necessary accompaniment required for enjoyment of wealth, health.

Summarily, readers young and old should try to have sound knowledge of and more than passing interest in health matters in order to get a hold of their absconding health if they want to fully utilise the wealth they are currently searching for. And for those who have found it, better enjoy it.

Adherence to all that has been suggested in this article will fetch the reader rich rewards indeed and he would find out that health is indeed wealth.

Author: Samson