At some point or the other, we all have – or will – take a trip. Traveling is an essential and important part to life. Whether the purpose of your travel is purely recreational, that is, for tourism purposes or to visit friends and family, it is common for us to occasionally pack our bags and travel somewhere new.

For those who travel often, it can be pretty annoying to forget to bring along things you will need on your trip. The following are tips that will help you pack your suitcase to make sure you don’t forget anything important on your next trip:

1. Make a checklist: It seems like such a simple, cliche thing, but it’s probably the most important. From the moment you realize you would be going on a trip, take out a pen and paper or whatever means you use to write down something you don’t want to forget, and start writing the things you would need on your trip. A suit for a business trip, a bikini or one piece swim suit for a beach side vacation or a glam, fab evening dress for a weekend out to the city. Everything! Right down to the underwear you would wear for each occasion. Usually, the things we forget to pack for a trip are the things we first think about to carry or make a mental note to carry. More often than not, these things though remembered at the initial stage are forgotten in the end. So people, first things first, when packing for a trip…make a list! It will only take a few minutes.

2. Pack the essentials FIRST: It’s important to first focus on the objective of your trip at hand and pack for it first, before packing any other extraneous things for the trip. Sometimes we can get carried away and pack what we don’t need while forgetting what we do need and end up falling short of the purpose of the trip. To save yourself from some slaps to the head on hitting your destination, all from yourself, make sure to pack first the essentials for your trip. If there is space left for extras, those can come in later.

3. Prepare like there is no plan: When packing, it makes sense to prepare like you haven’t planned for the trip and plan like you haven’t prepared. It’s a sort of reverse psychology thing, but it works. If you would need a dress ironed, don’t bank on ironing it at the hotel because you might end up not being able to. Instead, iron it while packing and fold neatly in your suitcase, making it the last thing you pack so it doesn’t get wrinkled much. It also helps to have a back-up outfit that is foolproof just in case. Trips have a way of going wrong and not at all like we have planned them to, the key is to think ahead and anticipate the disaster before it comes. And like a boy scout motto, always be prepared.

4. Pack in small quantities: Depending on how long your trip is going to be, bathing soaps, gels, toothpaste and body lotions should be packed in tiny quantities and bottles for ease of carriage. That way, they take up less space in your suitcase and because you are spending a limited period of time on your trip anyway, you don’t need as much as to make you carry the whole thing. It also helps to take a small towel probably half the size of your regular towel; it will save a lot of space in your suitcase.

5. In the case that you are not sure of where you will be staying during your trip or what the accommodation will be like e.g whether there will be a blanket or toothpaste or rubber slippers, it is advisable to always carry your own. But never so much that it takes up space you would need for something else and never so little that you would regret not taking them at all.

6. After packing…pack a little extra: And then, when you’re done packing and there’s still a little bit of space left, you should pack a little more just in case. This works best with packing things like underwear. You can never have too many underwears on a trip. If you’re going for two days, it doesn’t hurt to carry underwear for a week just in case.

7. Lastly, the rule of thumb for packing for a trip is; less is just enough and more is never too much. You regret more the things you forget to carry, than the things you wished you didn’t. Better too much load than not enough.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

Writer. Music lover. Movie junkie. Social Media Enthusiast. Aspiring dancer. Aspiring photographer. Social Introvert.