Whether you’re a literature student or not, you must have read or heard about the notorious love doves, Romeo and Juliet, in the Shakespearean play.

Everybody wants there love to be as strong but it’s not fine to end up like them. Love is sweet but sweeter when enjoyed in longevity.

If you want your relationship to be as strong but not as short as the RoLiet’s, consider the below:

  1. Be Appreciative: always appreciate what you like about your partner. Tell them and mean it. Tell her she’s beautiful and add other qualities of hers. Tell him he’s cute and caring including his other qualities. Write him/her a poem and if you can’t, employ the service of a poet. It’s worth it, for love and a strong relationship.
  2. Be playful: I don’t know why you’d be too serious with your partner blowing hot breathes of grammar and displaying professorial faces. Play, do ridiculous things together and be fine. And if your partner is sounding boring, enliven him/her at all cost; in a joking manner.
  3. Be renewed: We can’t be good at all things. At times, your partner may be complaining about something he/she doesn’t like, try to adjust and renew yourself. It’s always good when complaint stopped and your partner tells you “You’re A Better Person.”
  4. Be diplomatic: Relationship here on earth can’t be compared to the ones in heaven, it is very possible we disagree on things at times. But when it happens, we need to be diplomatic. It’s not disagreements that destroy relationships, but how you deal with them.
  5. Be occultic: Let there be things you do together. Let it become your custom such as an hour chat before going to bed, love message every morning, outing every weekend et al.

Strong relationships don’t just happen. In order to have a flourishing relationship with your beloved other, you have to do the work of using the above tips. The result will wow you because it will strengthen your relationship in a magical way.

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi