Let’s make it so personal today, and not to take it so. You know, we need to flow, we can’t be floating.

“Opportunity comes” they said; “but once.” It is advisable therefore that as it comes, you grab it because if you snooze, you lose; and it won’t come back again.

Ask yourself how many opportunities you’ve let go. I stand to tell you that in one difficulty stand TEN opportunities, and this is not just theoretical.

In many facets of life, I have observed this statement pragmatically. And an example is the scene I observed at Ogombo few weeks ago.

Thanks to the harmattan that just landed like eagle. Couple of weeks ago, it was rainy and this affected, as usual, the lifestyle of the people of Ogombo.

Ogombo is a remote town in Eti-Osa local government, Lagos state. When you get to Ajah, or rather head straight to Abraham Adesanya Estate, you will get a bike or keke napep (tricycle) to take you to Ogombo.

I’m not a clergy man but I represent one at a congregation weekly at Ogombo. Going there in the dry season is smooth sailing as you can move freely and your activities are undisturbed.

But in the raining season, it is so irritating and unfriendly because it often get flooded and so affects the business flow of the residents. This is because customers wouldn’t love to visit to patronize, among other setbacks.

This place gets so flooded that residents in some part of the town need to paddle canoe to get into their waterbed homes, while some other parts need no canoe but have to find their way home through the water.

This is a challenge and difficulty affecting the people’s life. However, the people see it from different angle and I saw them utilizing TEN different opportunities therefrom.

Do you ask me HOW? The answer is not far-fetched. Let me share it with you:

#1. A man brought a canoe to transport people of highly flooded area and makes profit from it.

#2. Another man was selling rain boot to help people dive through the flood.

#3. I saw another man selling rain coat to help people continue with their business even while it’s raining. It also enable customer to patronize in the rain as well.

#4. At a strategic corner, I saw one Hausa man who sells hot tea, coffee and chocolate drink; even in the day. People gather there to buy to warm up their frozen systems.

#5. I saw a woman selling a head umbrella. That umbrella is worn like a cap that you can just go on with your work without being disorganized by rain or holding a big umbrella.

#6. Since rivers and marsh surround the town, fishes were found in the flood and it becomes easy to hunt grasscutters (a giant rat); so, some were fishing, hunting and making money.

#7. Some carpenters put up adverts to help residents construct bridges that leads from outside to the inside of their houses.

#8. I saw a woman with her children spread themselves across all flood’s banks. What were they doing? Selling medicated soaps, liquids and creams because people need it to wash their legs when they get home. Despite the measures put in place, stepping in some waters are inevitable. I bought some of it too; and a grasscutter.

#9. On Sundays, religious activities were totally affected because some of the places were so irritating that even with your arsenals – rain boot and others, you won’t love to go there. Having noticed this, some people constructed canopy crafts over some untampered dry lands which some congregations had to lease for their religious services.

#10. Finally, there was a young man, Aswagaawy, who writes about the scenario in order to inspire his audience that in all challenges lies 10 opportunities. And that’s what you just read.

Having done justice to that, I know by now you’d have seen how you’ve shut yourself out of opportunities in some situations. It’s not too late, it’s never too late.

Carefully observe your difficulties; surely you’ll discover opportunities in it. Take valuable advantage of all opportunities and you’ll never complain while others do.

Do you have a difficulty you want to get opportunities from it?

How many difficulties have you taken opportunities from?

Share them in the comment box below. Cheers.

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi