We do know that ever since the inception of the internet, not only has there been a wide spread use, but also a large amount of hours spent on it. One would be sure the user frequency and hours spent would turn up in high numbers, however, what this infographic shows on the happening in on the internet in one minute sure beats what anyone has thought about. It is important to understand that one minute is really just 60 seconds.

According to the infographic, in 60 seconds, 20.8 Million plus WhatsApp messages are sent, 2.78 million videos are viewed on YouTube. The amazing thing is that a single statistic of this collation could have been yours. You sending that email or watching a TV show on Netflix. A close reflection brings us to a statement we can all agree to – the internet is a global village, a new world, if I dare add. Don’t believe? Wait till you are soon able to download food off the internet.

See below infographic for other shocking statistics on the internet’s by-minute presence:


Author: Cerebral Lemon