1. Stop what you are doing that is causing you to feel stressed: Stress is bound to occur in our work and school activities. Identify the factors causing you stress and stop the activities immediately.

2. Take a break: Step away from the stress factors or triggers in your life. If it’s work, leave your desk, go to the bathroom or step out of the office for some air. If it’s school, get out of the class, leave your books and get some air to help clear your head. Just put some distance or space between you and whatever is causing your stress.

3. Rest: Sleep is a great way to deal with stress. If you can, take a quick nap or if you are at home, put away your work or books for the next day. Try to get at least eight straight hours of sleep, it can work wonders.

4. Do something else: Take a break from the activity causing your stress and do something requiring less focus and mental stimulation. Play a game, surf the web, watch funny videos online; just take a half hour or so to do something different from the activity causing you stress.

5. Take a walk: Physical exercise has been known to help reduce stress. If possible, jog or run and try to keep your mind blank as you do it.

6. Avoid unhealthy habits; drinking, smoking, using medication, are not good fixes for stress and in turn are bound to have future adverse effects. It could lead to an addiction and dependency that will be difficult to eventually break.

7. Talk to a friend/family member/someone: Our social relationships help us to deal with problems. Talking with friends or people helps to stimulate the brain and ultimately reduces our stress.

8. Do something for others: Focusing on others and helping others takes us away from fixating on our problems and by helping someone else, we consequently feel better about ourselves. Volunteer and offer to help where possible and your stress is bound to subsequently feel lighter.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

Writer. Music lover. Movie junkie. Social Media Enthusiast. Aspiring dancer. Aspiring photographer. Social Introvert.