What gain have you derived from fear? Nothing, I’m sure. All fear can do for you is to keep you rooted to one spot!

What have your fears done for you so far? It has succeeded in making you fail to succeed. If this is all fear can do for you, why still entertain fear?

One fear that holds people back the most is the fear of what people think of them.

Do you let the fear of what other people think of you hold you back? Do you put your actions on hold or change the person you are for fear that you’ll be judged, laughed at or even shunned? If so, it’s time to stop – STARTING RIGHT NOW.

The truth is that nobody cares half as much as you think they do. Why? Because everyone else is also too busy worrying about what others think about them. Crazy! Isn’t it?

So starting today, every time you feel those same, old niggling thoughts of doubt and fear creep in, remind yourself of one thing – no one cares!

Feel good about this liberating realization and start living the life you want.

How do you ditch the fears? It is by facing your fears until your fears fear you. Just take the first step and you’re half way done.

What are the fears threatening you, share it in the comment box and let’s get talking.

Author: Taofeek Ayeyemi