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We don’t often think about it and therefore may never discuss it, but almost everyone has voices in their heads; a persistent stream of thoughts. Sometimes, the inner voice is encouraging, other times, not so much.

‘You are almost there, you should keep going’ or ‘You should stop, you might never make it there alive’. Sometimes the inner voice isn’t what we desire it to be, it is punitive, self-doubting, accusing, panicking. It doesn’t represent anything like the best behaviour we should be on. It is not the voice of our better nature and it drowns us, eats us up alive.

Where do these things come from? The outside, that’s where they are drawn from. We listen to the tone of others – the angry parent, the bitter bus rider, threats from peers in school or a teacher who never has anything good to say about you/your work. We draw in these unhelpful voices because they have sounded overwhelming in the past. These figures have repeated their messages over and over again. The thoughts booked a room in our own minds.

But to achieve inner happiness and grow above them, we need to shut them out and send them a quit notice. Place the notice boldly, ‘you are no longer needed here!’

This will involve:

– Making yourself encounter equally compelling, constructive and helpful thoughts to fill the void.

– Keeping your mind busy with good, and only good things is another way.

– Take special care to internalize them.

– Repeat them to yourself.

– Write it on a wall, if you will.

– We should hear them often enough, so they become natural choices. These voices ‘that you are worthy of love regardless of your failure’, ‘that your identity isn’t stemmed to another being’, ‘that you are what you say you are’, ‘that you can still try again’.


Author: Cerebral Lemon