Many Android users have their phones infected with malware but may not know this. One of the worst things that can ever happen to your Android device is malware infection.

Any Android device that gets infected is more or less rendered useless with time as the malware gradually spreads through the device thereby taking over most of its activities.

Below are ways to detect your phone is under a malware attack:

Automatic Installation of Spam Apps.

This is one of the most common signs and most times it’s the first thing that happens when your phone gets infected. If you start noticing strange apps that you didn’t install then there is a great chance your phone has been infected.

Most of these apps are almost impossible to uninstall as they automatically change to system apps. It is advisable at this stage to disable “Allow installation of apps from Unknown sources” from security settings, before searching for a permanent solution.

Frequent pop-ups

When your Android device gets infected, your phone will always be filled with irrelevant ads, irrespective of what you are doing with it or whatever app you are currently using. You will always get frequent pop-up ads whenever internet connectivity is available.

Connectivity is turned on automatically

You may sometimes notice that your device’s mobile data and Wi-Fi have automatically been turned on. Sometimes it also affects the Bluetooth. No matter the number of times you turn them off, they will always come back on automatically against your wish thereby depleting your internet data faster.

Frequent Phone Lagging

When your device has malware attack, you will notice that your phone will start hanging more than it used to and the general performance will reduce gradually until your phone becomes redundant.

Phone Overheating

Phones can get a bit hot when it has been in use for a long period. However, it becomes abnormal when your phone starts overheating even when you are not using it at all. It might be a malware on your phone which runs in the background and this also drains your battery.



Author: Dotun Obatuyi

My name is Dotun Obatuyi (Dotunoba), I hail from Osun state, a public health scientist (monitoring and evaluation specialist), my keen interests are researching, critiquing and writing feature articles on health, science and technology as well as issues around the globe.