After the CV, the Cover Letter is the second most important document in the job application process. Interviewers most times ask for a cover letter because while the CV or Resume is an account of your work and educational history, the Cover Letter lets them know how your work or career will fit into the company or organization being applied to.

Though most people get it right at creating a CV, they falter in the process of writing a cover letter. The following ways will ensure you get it right the next time:

– Introduce yourself: The cover letter is the best place to introduce yourself. Start with your name and current educational or work situation. Make your introduction short enough to not be boring but captivating enough to make the interviewer interested in a further meeting.

– Mention the job being applied for: Next, talk about the job or position you are applying for. Never go in blind and say “whatever is available”, that shows a lack of seriousness and disrespect for the company. Briefly write about the job or position you are applying for or in a case of an unsolicited job application, write about the job you can offer.

– Explain why you will be a good fit for the job and the company: Write how your experiences make you a good candidate for the job. Make your points clear and precise. Highlight the ways you think you will be a good fit for the job and why.

A clear statement of who you are, what you are applying for and how you can carry out the duties of the position is key to motivating the interviewer to go further and go through your CV or Resume and end up calling you for an interview. Try not to exceed one page with the cover letter. Make your sentences short but pass your message across effectively and clearly. Don’t forget to sign the letter with your name and signature where possible.

Once your cover letter is properly written, you can be rest assured you will get that call back for an interview that will get you one step closer to getting that job.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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