In a state-wide broadcast to mark his one-year administration in office, Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State restated his commitment to fulfill his election promises for the state.

He assured the people of Kaduna that he would not rescind on all his electioneering campaign promises, developed to improve the state and well being of all residents in the state.

Apart from a reassurance, he listed the achievements of his government since it came to power.

According to the statement, in one year, he has embarked on massive construction of roads in urban and rural areas; introduced free education and free feeding of 1.2 million primary school pupils.

He renovated classrooms and hospitals, created jobs for unemployed youths and weeded out ghost workers from the civil service.

The governor further stated that over 2,000 secondary school teachers were recruited and retrained despite the lean resources the state pocket had been receiving coupled with the heavy debt his administration inherited.

In addition to the rehabilitation of 12 water works in the state, the Zaria water project has also been sped up in its process of completion.

Governor El-Rufai, while explaining how his government cut the cost of governance and stopped distributing state resources to a vocal minority, concluded by urging the citizens of Kaduna State to support his administration, and work together towards moving the state forward.

Author: Cerebral Lemon