Former Governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi has explained that he is working against the re-election of his successor, Willie Obiano because of his poor performance.

Obi disclosed this on Wednesday during a rally organised by the women’s wing of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, at the party secretariat in Awka.

A media aide to Governor Obiano, Egbuna Amuta had alleged in an interview that Obi’s feud with Obiano was because the latter had refused to pay N7 billion Obi demanded for allegedly funding the 2013 election of Obiano.

Addressing the PDP women, Obi said, “in 2013, I took Obiano around Anambra State, to the markets, to every part of the state… so they voted for him because of me. I told them, I would be the one to lead a campaign against Obiano if he did not perform well in his first term.

“Today, can anyone show me what the governor has done within his first term? He has nothing to show for it. I don’t have any issue with Mr. Willie Obiano as a person, but I have issues with Willie Obiano as governor.”

Obi was flanked by the PDP governorship candidate in the November poll in the state, Oseloka Obaze.

“We challenge Obiano to show us what he has done in his first term. Go to all parts of the state where all of you come from, can you mention the things he has done? He has done nothing. That is why I am here to lead the campaign for his removal,” Obi added.


Author: Janet Johnson

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