There have been rumours of an iPhone 7 in the works. Well, at this point, we can confirm one thing – it is actually in the works.

The form and features of the anticipated iPhone 7 are as of now unverified.

It’s however been hinted that the device might be the device that renders the android OS undesirable.

Sounds like we’ve heard that before – same is said about every iPhones before now made.

On the presupposed iPhone 7, it is hinted that the device may have a pair of cameras at the back – it would be revolutionary, though a bit odd; let’s hope it’s the right revolution.

Some leaks suggest that the iPhone 7 will have two distinct camera lenses at its back, two separate circles.

Other leaks suggest that the next iPhone will have a pill-shaped form at its back, with both camera lenses being covered with a single piece of exterior glass.

We’re also to understand that the iPhone 7 may follow the iPad pro with a pair of stereo speakers emanating from both sides of the device, top and bottom – still no front-facing speakers though.

The antenna bands at the back of the iPhone would move closer to the tops and bottoms of the device too – changing the look of the back of the device.

These antennas might end up being more powerful and/or larger than before.

A thinner iPhone is in the works, it would seem, coming in at between 6 and 6.5mm

So that’s it. Think you’ve used your last android device? Let’s wait till it’s confirmed.

Author: Yemi Olarinre