We hear the ranting of a heartbroken person in various forms; literature, music, spoken words – because it is okay to speak about them.

Jay Z admitted in response to Beyonce’s album, however true it was, that he understood her need not to keep quiet about what happened in their relationship. He said he understood the relieve her outcry would give her.

Mad about something? Talk about it. Not just in marriage but in friendship. Bottling stuff up is akin to filling a bottle with soda and agitating it frequently (See Don’t Bottle Your Emotions, You’re Not A Bottle Of Coke). The result is always a pretty mess.

We all know what happens to a bottle of coke that is tossed and turned. It spurges, everywhere. Not attending to emotions towards someone when we feel them means we are only piling them up for one big outrage. And when it is out, we don’t know what got us mad in the first place.

Many might have resolved to a conscious advocacy of staying away from drama and confrontations but we have to realise that it is a normal process of life.

We would always encounter it, how we decide to deal with it is what we should ‘worry’ about.

The inspiration for this article came after reading the account of a woman who said her ‘no fight, no drama’ style brought her marriage of two decades to an irreparable state.

At the end of it all, she wished she had ‘screamed’ about all she opted to bottle up. Read her experience here.

No one is asking you to always look for ways to cause fights in relationships. However, if it is eating you up, talk about it, if it would make you feel any better, scream about it.

Author: Cerebral Lemon