The Centre for Information Technology and Development, an NGO in Kano, has connected the poor internet service in the country to the mass failure of students in the recent JAMB examination. The statement was made by the Executive Director of the organisation, Alhaji Yanusa Ya’u at an event.

As a result of this, on Sunday, a campaign for effective internet service delivery was flagged off in Kano.

Y’au said, “slow speed has many implications, one of which was recently seen during this year’s JAMB CBT examination.

“As candidates are auto-timed to respond to questions, a slow Internet means that even before a student was able to load question, his or her time was off and therefore scored zero for that question.”

He stated that “Swift and CheapNet” is part of a campaign coded “Fast Africa” which stands for Fast, Affordable, Safe and Transparent Internet for all in Africa.”

He stated that the origination of this campaign stemmed from the World Wide Web Foundation involving over 30 groups across Africa. The campaign was aimed at forming an alliance with stakeholders to ensure the speed of the internet was improved, the cost was reduced and a better level of affordability.

He said that during the week-long campaign, the organisation planned on raising public awareness through public enlightenment programmes that would mobilise the public to demand faster and affordable internet access in the country.

Author: Cerebral Lemon