Justin O’Shea, the tattooed and ripped Australian street style star and former fashion buyer for MyTheresa, debuted his first collection for the Kering group-owned Italian label, Brioni, on July 4.

Adopting the “see-now-buy-now” shtick that designers have decided to use since the fashion system was declared ‘broken’, he sent out a collection of well tailored suits that dared to challenge fashion’s current obsession with gender-fluid dressing. There was also something very 90’s and sinister about it: the flat rimmed sunglasses and the occasional chinchilla coat thrown in was reminiscent of what you might picture an Italian gangster wearing.

The show was unmistakably Italian; if the pinstripes and print shirts with collars placed over jacket lapels, weren’t already an indication.

For someone who comes from a background catering to women, he showed some looks which were also impeccably tailored (single button suits rendered in pastel colors).

This was a solid first effort from a guy who has no background in design.

Justin O’Shea

Author: Kayito Nwokedi