Shortly after the opening of the Kaduna refinery, Mr. Justin Ezeala, Executive Director, Supply and Distribution, Nigeria Products and Marketing Company (NPMC), confirmed that seven million litres of petrol were available for disperse from the Kaduna refinery.

He revealed to the News Agency Of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, that the authorities at the refinery had earlier announced the output. Ezela explained that the petroleum product from Kaduna would be used to hike up the volume of the country’s reserve.

“The good thing now is that the three refineries are working; as at this morning, Kaduna refinery declared over seven million litres for us to evacuate. So, it is looking very good; we are going to use the additional volume to build strategic reserve for the country,’’ he said.

On resolving of the lingering fuel scarcity, Ezeala stated that NNPC had formulated strategies and modifications to bring a stop to the fuel crisis and also procure availability of the product.

“We segmented the country into different groups and we have identified depots for different groups to make sure that every part of the country receives what is enough for its motoring needs.

“We think that the scarcity will be a thing of the past and that Nigerians should work with us. We will continue to thank all of you in the press and public who have given us useful advice that was used to basically take care of the situation.

“But, the message to Nigerians is that we have more than enough sufficient cargoes going into the future, and people shouldn’t do panic-buying at any point in time,’’ he said .

The director went on to reveal that in April, the one cargo-a-day rule was pushed to at least 39 cargoes. He added that the NNPC plans to maintain such high outputs in May, confirming that it plans to deliver more than the nation required.

Author: Cerebral Lemon