Much after we are ushered into the real world – the one filled with limitless incidents, the one that shakes us, the one we were given forewarning about, and the one we experience ourselves – we find our dreams and aspirations slowly dying in time and busy schedules, till a long time is gone and we resent the world for not being able to achieve them.

Sometimes, it is not as though we were too busy to achieve them, more often than not, they drown in a pool of survival. A pool of obligations, demands, work, and distractions.

It is easier said than done, you know, it is easy to dish out rules (although I object to dishing out too many).

Resolving the aforementioned can be done by sticking with these two simple guidelines: ‘Keep with you schedule’ and ‘Weed impulsiveness.’I think everything we will ever find on the net centers around these two things.

In some guidelines, some go as far as telling you what time to wake, which isn’t flexible to relativity. Keeping a schedule imbibes a sense of ‘timeliness’. This can be helpful in trimming excesses and save time.

The easiest way to reach big goals is by breaking them into daily tasks. Keeping them under a timeline also helps. Making mental notes as you work on deadlines you have set equally helps a great deal.

It is often argued that making work eat up the whole 24 hours isn’t the best thing to do. Instead, you need to allocate time to work, rest and other things. Always remember that breaks are important at intervals.

Aside making plans, weeding time spenders from schedules is as important as making one.

It is easy to say what you want to get done, but still end up finding yourself in a wormhole of watching cats cry on YouTube (yes they do cry, it is what you learn from not sticking to your schedule).

Be strict with what you allow in the time you have allocated for something, see through each without incessantly wanting to check something else.

Author: Cerebral Lemon