We have been raised in societies and cultures that make us believe that we are kings in our homes, the authority, the ruler, the ones who have the last say, and as much as some part of this is true, it is not absolute in the countenance, demeanour, and sense of responsibility it generates…some cultures do not even consider that any children have been born until a male child is born.

So when a boy is born, the parents are happy, some consider that even if they do not have any other children, they are satisfied because, the one, the preferred, eligible for recognition is born.

So the king is born, raised to see the woman as a natural subject, nothing she says should matter and whatever she does is secondary or taken lightly, and the woman is there, just there. But nowadays the tables are turning, the women are regrouping, they are out shining the king, amassing more wealth than the rich, more brilliant than the authority and now the king is threatened in the place where he used to rule…the normal reaction is, we fight back.

We throw the term “submission” at them forgetting that the king must love his subjects and seek to help them develop to their fullest potentials. So rather than complain about their fast rise in the corporate world that’s intimidating us, we ask them to become full-time housewives, we ask them to not take another degree because it will affect family, or ask them not to associate with certain groups or people, not because they will fail, but because we feel it will be our failure when they openly succeed more than we do.

I’ve seen men ask their wives to resign promising jobs that would have enhanced the qualities of their families, or refused to provide funding for a business that would make the wife make money faster, because they fear that if the woman makes money, then there would be no use for them in the home.

The greatest art of a true king is not by having all, but being all that is needed per time, not all.

Be the support, the backbone, the energy, the source…and often times, the source seems insignificant until it stops.

Enhance the woman in your world, be the answer, the solution provider and be ready to accept that you will not have all sometimes, but rest in the confidence that, as long as she’s around you, you will be the shining crown on her head, because the crown of the woman is her man.

The crown is never afraid of being insignificant.

We all would agree that women are undeniable forces in this world, they achieve faster, often times better than most men, if we are sincere, we would see that sometimes out of their emotional whining and nagging that has no logical basis or statistical back up, they see things we don’t see as they are wired differently, if we respect their differences, we will reap the best from and through them.

Only if we as kings can love, respect and listen… then our kingdoms will be much safer and prosperous.

Author: MensTable

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