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The concept of being a man is simple, yet the most difficult task in today’s world when the average man has been mapped and stereotyped into a model that most males would never fit into.

You know you’re a man when:

– Your happiness depends only on you and not who you have with you or what you’ve acquired.

– ‎You take total responsibility for your own life

– ‎People can trust what you say and do

– ‎People’s contact with you leaves them feeling better about themselves than when they met you

Start from there…

How Do I Now Become A Man, If I Don’t Have Money?

– First, responsibility is not defined by how much money you make or can provide, many irresponsible men have billions of naira, look in your government and entertainment, you’ll see it’s not the money

– ‎Second, responsible means the ability to control and manage, this you do by first, taking into account your sources and resources – know what you have and what you can afford, then live within your means even if you have to move in with your parents or share rent with a colleague or friend.

Be able to fend for yourself, start from there, being responsible doesn’t start with the amount of money you make, it starts with you. It is how responsible you are that determines how you spend the money that comes to your hands.

Thirdly, being responsible includes the ability to grow, grow your character, grow your income, grow your skills, grow your knowledge, never ever remain stagnant, try new stuff, expand your horizon.

Keep moving forward!

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