Image: diamondcelebrities

It is now a popular trend within Nigeria’s entertainment industry for celebrities to have children out of wedlock. For the ladies, they are called ‘Babymamas’ the men are called ‘babydaddies’.

Notable celebrities who have towed this line in recent time are Davido and Wizkid who have two babymamas respectively.

Nollywood curvy actress, Anita Joseph recent dropped an hint that she is expecting twins with an image of an ultrasound shared on her social media.

This prompted a curious fan to ask if she was married now that she’s pregnant even as the fan congratulated her.

The fan with the handle @Patchyn12 wrote; “Happy for you but hope you are married o. It is not African culture for women to be pregnant without being married first.”

Anita was quick to respond, stressing that being pregnant out of wedlock is not a big deal. “Are you alright?  Must I be married to be pregnant? Oh please, who needs marriage help? African nonsense! @patchyn12, wish me well that is all, ndi africans ana akoyeri.”

The actress’ reaction prompted @Patchyn to write, “You don’t have to be married to be pregnant, I know that; but this new norm is destroying our youth and this is part of the reason our society is in deep moral decay. Bastards that are born every day without good upbringing. Most are the future armed robbers, killers, prostitutes and never do wells of the future. You people especially in Nollywood should show better example to the new generation.”

Author: Yemi Olarinre