Piers Morgan took to shouting at one of Good Morning Britain’s guests on Tuesday, when they announced their stringent pro-gun stance after the recent terror in Las Vegas.

Dan Roberts appeared on the ITV show to debate America’s current gun laws and whether they should be changed after Monday’s atrocity saw 59 killed and over 500 injured.

Already a pro-gun campaigner, the guest set about defending the right to own a weapon, explaining to Piers Morgan that the gun used by shooter, Stephen Paddock, was just an AR15, and wasn’t what could be called “high powered”.

The comment instantly enraged Piers, who argued that they “heard” his lie as shocking videos showed the monstrosity of the gun attack.

The presenter yelled: “We heard them firing. You’re talking complete and utter nonsense.” However, the guest held his stance as he told Piers, 52, that he was “hopeful” nothing would change in light of the worst mass shooting in American history.

The GMB presenter demanded to know why a Kinder Egg is currently banned in the US, but guns aren’t, emphasising: “You cannot legally buy these in America.”

However, Dan began to laugh at the demonstration, which only seemed to enrage Piers, who erupted: “Don’t laugh, it’s not funny. 600 people got shot.

“I simply say to you Dan, time after time you come on here and you say that the only answer is there’s something wrong with people.

“Here we have the archetypal gun holder, but because of your insane gun laws he can arm himself with 42 weapons and mow down 600 people.

“What are you going to do about it?” Piers begged Dan to answer.

But the pro-gun lobbyist was having none of it, simply replying: “We’re not going to do anything about it, hopefully.”

As the presenter began to rage at the word, “hopefully”, Dan insisted: “I don’t believe in restricting the rights of Americans.

“I don’t have to justify the rights of Americans to people in another country.

“I don’t believe with the concept of punishing hundreds of people on the acts of a mad man,” he added.

It was not enough for Piers, who passionately fought back with a raised voice: “What about the rights of the dead and the injured? What about the rights of British people on the Vegas strip that may have been gunned down?”

The message seemingly wasn’t getting through to Dan who simply repeated his side of the argument, leaving Piers sighing: “I can’t even debate this anymore… I fear for America.”