When we think of changing our lives, it isn’t uncommon to think about major changes, believing that we need to make drastic shifts in what we do to become the person we want to be. On closer inspection however, it comes clear that the most successful people are able to attain success through a process of little effective habits. Some of these habits include the following:

Going to bed early

Rest is one habit we aren’t too aware of it’s benefits. In fact, so strong is our work culture against sleep that a lot of people actually openly brag about getting little sleep. A good night rest allows us to wake up with great energy and mental refreshment; two very important factor in determining how our day would progress.

Healthy feeding

When living the fast life, it isn’t easy to incorporate fast-food into the routine. When our body is being malnourished, we begin to lack vital nutrients that not only expose us to infections due to poor immune systems, but also reduces our concentration, hindering our performance through the day. Simple food supplements can be used when we fail to meet dietary requirements, but this shouldn’t be used as a habitual meal substitute.

 Punctuality in all affairs

The notion of African/black time is something that has its place in our society. This habit on a daily basis can be very detrimental to success as it speaks volume of our commitment to the things we set our mind to. Also, being at places on time gives us a few minutes to mentally prepare for situations as opposed to arriving late and trying to recover from as rushed journey.

Morning bird habit

Credence is given to this by an old Chinese adage that says a man that rises before the sun everyday will always be able to feed his family. The unfortunate reality is that a lot of people try to sleep until the very last minute possible. Excessive sleep can make us slip into becoming lethargic, hence making us tired throughout the day and losing vital concentration.

Being task oriented

Procrastination probably ranks tops in the list of ineffective habits because it is often self-perpetuating. We go from procrastinating to being angry at ourselves for procrastinating, and so the cycle continues. Successful people are very much aware of the importance of time and why what can be done today should never be left till tomorrow. To help us with this, adopt the use of simple day planners and checklist task sheets.

With just these five habits incorporated into your daily life, big changes will definitely occur over time. Don’t leave it till tomorrow, start today.

Author: Cerebral Lemon