It is no coincidence that university professors are allowed to retire later than most other professions in many countries. Considering the fact that lecturing is so important that it shouldn’t be put at the mercy of many mental conditions like forgetfulness associated with old age, old lecturers remain a common sight in many institutions. The reason for this is not far fetched, it is because university professors are often intellectuals by nature, hence they are committed to life-long learning, which keeps their mind active.

While the mind is less tangible than our biceps or quad muscles, like the more physical parts of the body, it is prone to fall into decay due to redundancy when left unused. For easy understanding, just think of how ballerinas maintain their flexibility due to years of constant use of their tendons.

In the 21st century where information is literally at our finger tips and the click of a button away, it has never been easier to cultivate habits around mental stimulation and learning.

While social media gossips and world affairs often serve as the greatest of distractions on our devices, a mere 15 minutes every day, dedicated simply to the consumption of educational content can go a long way at maintaining our cerebral power. This can be in the form of watching educative YouTube videos, selected blog readings, podcast and even puzzles and other such brain games. So why not take some time out today and feed your brain. As they say, use it or lose it.


Author: Cerebral Lemon