I was chatting with some of my girlfriends and as it usually happens when ladies my age gather to talk, we started talking about the future: career, marriage kids etc.

“I can’t become a housewife O, after all the suffer wey I don suffer for Uni, Omo I gats use my certificate”, those were the words of my friend Oyin when asked for her view on the housewife issue.

Source: globalgrind.com

Source: globalgrind.com

What led to the discussion? Our other friend, Jemimat, was gisting us about her aunt’s husband who told her aunt — his wife — to quit her banking job so she will have more time for the kids because “they (the children) are quite young and need all the parental care and supervision they can get”.

He complained that she was rarely at home and that the children were picking up bad habits and strong language. In his words, “I came home the other day and Junior (8 years old Junior) told me: ‘daddy I’m having a moment’ Imagine!”

According to Jemimat, the issue has become a problematic one because her aunt has refused to quit her job saying the family can’t afford it, they need the money and she needs to use her brain so she won’t become an intellectual vegetable.

I am of the opinion that if the man is really serious about his kids needing all the parental care and supervision they can get, both parents should quit their jobs and sit at home to watch over their kids else, they should both sit down like adults and draw up a supervision roaster.

What do you think? Shebi they are both parents.

Author: Cerebral Lemon