“Hmmmm it has happened again o this time, on a larger scale with bigger consequences.” Jemimat was so excited; her large eyeballs were bulging so hard I thought they were going to fall out.

Me: Babes calm down wetin happen?

Jemimat: Na Ugo o, Ugo don use beating comot Amarachi belle


This got me sitting up in my seat.

Me: He did what?

Jemimat: I say Ugo take beating comot Amarachi belle

I couldn’t believe my ears. I remember our friend Amarachi. She stopped talking to us, her girlfriends, because we advised her to break up with her abusive boyfriend, Ugo.

According to her, “Ugo is just a bit short tempered and he gets angry because he loves me so much and can’t stand the sight of me with another man even if the other guy is just a brother. He has promised to marry me and I can’t leave him because if I leave him, he will die. He will marry me and he will change.”

She was so convinced about him and we had decided to leave her to her fate.

After all, there is only so much you can do for a person *shrugs.

Oyin: chai!!! And we warned this babe o, we told her this boy will kill her someday. This one na first class yawa o.

Jemimat: correct! First class yawa.

Me: so what led to the fight?

Jemimat: she told me it was all because of food. She had gone to spend the weekend in his house and on Saturday evening, he came back home drunk. She confronted him, telling he had to become responsible since they were expecting a baby.

Oyin: she for no confront am now

Jemimat: she confronted him o and he flared up and started asking her all sorts of questions, asking if she was questioning his authority. After some minutes of heated arguments, he pounced on her and beat her terribly hmmm! If not for the timely intervention of neighbours, I don’t even know what would have happened to our friend o.

Oyin: Friend ke? You still consider her a friend? Did we not warn her? Shebi we warned her about this Ugo boy we told her he will one day kill her instead, she went ahead to get pregnant for him, to secure her position in his heart I hope she’s satisfied with the position she is now. I don’t even pity her (hisses).

Me: haba Oyinkan how can you be so heartless?

Oyin: wo leave me jare! She deserves the beating! I just hope he beat some sense into her this time.

Me: Jemimat abeg which hospital is she in, let’s go visit her.

Before we go to visit our runaway friend in the intensive care unit, let me quickly advise you. If you are in an abusive relationship — any form of abuse: physical, emotional, whatever— please get out of that relationship before you end up in the hospital like our dear ‘runaway’ friend.

Author: Cerebral Lemon