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In 101 years your pet probably will be dead.

In 102 years you will be dead.

In 103 years your grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-kid will be dead.

In 109 years Earth will be dead. The oceans will boil away, the Earth will lose all water to space, and everything on Earth will be f*cked up by then. The Earth will become red-hot, and mountains will begin to melt.

In 1010 years the sun will be dead. Changes in gravity will cause the planets in our solar system to collide with each other and eventually fall into the white-dwarf of the dead sun.

In 1011 years the Milky Way will be dead. It will collide/merge with the neighbouring galaxy, forming a single galaxy called Milkdromeda. The neighbouring galaxy called Andromeda is approaching our galaxy at a speed of 110km/sec. Milkdromeda will eventually die, forming an unfathomably massive black hole.

In 1015 years all stars will be dead. There won’t be enough matter to form new stars. The Universe will go black.

In 1030 years matter will be dead.

In 10100 years black holes will be dead.

There won’t be anything left, other than emptiness, darkness and absolute cold.

Therefore, nothing matters in life. It doesn’t matter if you have $672 or $672M in the bank. All that awaits us are emptiness and darkness.

We are bunch of confused atoms trapped in some unknown tiny corner of the universe. As long as you are breathing, enjoy your stay here.

Life is a onetime opportunity, make sure you live up to your full potential.

Say Hi to that person you wanted to say Hi to.

Have a good day.

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Author: Yemi Olarinre