The famous ‘Rock am Ring’ German Music Festival has been canceled after a lightening strike hurt about 80 fans.

The festival was canceled on the third and final day and performances suspended due to continued thunderstorms, the organisers stated.

The festival which is an open air event had fans taking shelter in their cars and tents due to the bad weather and the Organisers were forced to cancel it all together after local authorities revoked it’s licence.

Organisers expressed regret that the much anticipated festival had to be canceled, but admitted it was necessary for the safety of fans.

The festival is the largest musical festival in Germany and one of the largest in the world, attracting over 50,000 guests annually.

It started in 1985 as a one-time festival. However, due to it’s commercial success, it’s organisers decided to make it an annual event.

For the past few weeks, Europe has suffered several thunderstorms. France especially has been marred by thunderstorms and heavy rain, leaving their roads flooded, several dead and injured, and more than 11,000 French homes without electricity.

Last weekend, 35 people were reported injured when lightening struck during a football match in Germany. Also in Paris, 11 people were reported injured by lightening strike in a children’s party.

It is not the first time the festival will suffer such a set back. Last year, lightening strikes led 33 people to be hospitalised during the festival.

Giving this track record, the festival’s website always warn fans of the possibility of rain and thunderstorms at the concert.

Author: Ope Adedeji