The social media war between Wizkid and Linda Ikeji is no more news to social media enthusiasts in Nigeria. What’s new however is that the Police is now involved in the feud.

No one expected it to escalate to this point. The feud took a turn for the worse, after months of fighting early April when Linda Ikeji reported on her blog that Wizkid had been served a quit notice from his Lekki residence in Lagos, Nigeria.

With this done, Wizkid took to social media to lash out at the blogger. He responded to the report on Linda’s blog with insults and boasting of his numerous achievements at 25.

He asked her why she had not gotten married at her age as he accused her of having slept with his director. Wizkid went on to threaten to arrange to have the blogger beaten, “if I ever see you, I’ll get my 16 year old cousin to beat the shit out of you” he said.

We do not know on what basis, whether to get Wizkid into trouble or she is actually worried about the threat, but Linda Ikeji has reported the case to the Lagos State Commissioner of police,  Fatai Owoseni.

By virtue of section 323 of the criminal code, such threats to kill any person in writing will make the maker of the threat liable to imprisonment for 7 years.

A summon has since been issued to Wizkid, with an invitation letter sent to the Surulere office of his manager, Sunday Are.

Wizkid is still yet to show up, leaving everyone wondering where this is going as Linda Ikeji declines to comment.

Author: Yemi Olarinre