Lingerie hygiene means a lot more than just taking care of your lingerie so it looks neat and not too torn or worn out. Proper lingerie hygiene means caring for your lingerie in such a way that you don’t spread germs or introduce bacteria from your lingerie to your pubic region.

I don’t think we need to stress how important it is for a woman to keep her lingerie clean and everything “down south” cleaner. Not that you’re not doing it right, but here are a few tips on proper lingerie hygiene to keep your lingerie healthy and your body healthier.

– Hand wash lingerie rather than machine wash to keep lingerie looking neat and to ensure effective cleaning.

– When wearing cotton underwear, always use odour-less pantyliner to protect your lingerie from discharge that could irritate your pubic area.

– Avoid wearing lace or silk lingerie for long periods of time to prevent irritation “down south”.

– If you have to wear lace underwear for long, always use odour-less pantyliner to prevent irritation.

– When spreading lingerie to dry, make sure to hang it under a shade and bring it in the moment it dries lest it picks up more dirt.

– Store lingerie on the right side out in a closed drawer to avoid attracting dirt or germs.

– It is advisable to wear cotton underwear for everyday use because it allows the crotch area to “breathe” unlike a lace or silk lingerie. Save those for special one-off occasions that needn’t be worn every day.

Proper lingerie hygiene not only keeps your lingerie clean and helps it last long, but also helps protect you from simple, common infections you can avoid.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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