Being away from someone you love sucks. This doesn’t mean long distance relationships are a bad thing and don’t work, but it’s hard enough keeping a relationship with someone that is with you not to imagine having to deal with a lover that is far away.

Distance sucks for any relationship. Of course most times you can’t help it because being in a relationship means you have to be supportive of your partner and their career. If your partner’s career takes them away from you, as much as it hurts, you must be able to support their decision to chase after their dreams for career or professional fulfillment.

But as much as you do not want to be the one to hold your partner back, distance in a relationship is not particularly helpful and maintaining a long distance relationship requires a lot of communication. Regardless of physical distance in a relationship, communication is still very important and so taking into account the miles between you and your lover, it is even more so.

Technology and the internet has made this easier. With a click of a button and good internet connection you can talk to your significant other, see them, hear what they hear and basically follow their day if you want. The days of waiting weeks to receive a reply from your partner in the mail is long gone and now you can even go to the movies with your S.O with the use of a mobile phone or tablet.

But even good internet connection cannot guarantee a long distance relationship will work. It also takes a commitment and determination to not allow the miles between keep apart. And no matter how much communication passes through technological mediums, it cannot replace feeling your partner’s touch or embrace. Eventually, the longer the time apart, the more difficult and strained the relationship will become.


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

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