A heart break is one of the hardest part of every relationship. For every relationship, there is always the possibility of a heart break. People fall into love and it only makes sense that there should be the option to fall out of it.

Though the possibility of an heart break is there, it is hardly ever considered. When two people decide to get into a relationship, they hope against hope that it will be the real thing and there will be no heart break. They try to believe that this one too will last; like we will fade into the sunset and our fairy tale of love will never end.

It is a beautiful thing to hope for everlasting love but it never does quite end up that way. Life is unpredictable and no way like the ending of a fairy tale. You are not Snow White or Cinderella. The wicked queen does not always get run off a cliff, the glass slipper will not always quite fit and a kiss will most definitely not cure a dying illness.

Life will toss you curve balls and sharp turns just at the point you think you are ready to ride off into your sunset. Your heart will most certainly break at one point or the other and it might not necessarily have anything to do with something you or your partner will or will not do.

Life will just happen to you and your heart will inevitably break, because nothing lasts forever, no matter how good it is. Does that mean there is no hope? Never. It is true when they say as long as there is life there is hope. For when your heart is shattered into a million pieces, broken as it seems without hope of mending, then you must be strong and hold on to the pieces.

A broken heart can always be put together and mended into place with whatever binding agent you find to use. The stronger the binder the longer it stays together. The problem is not the heart breaking, it’s the process of its mending. What are you using to put the shattered pieces of your heart back into place?


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

Writer. Music lover. Movie junkie. Social Media Enthusiast. Aspiring dancer. Aspiring photographer. Social Introvert.