Love and Trust are two sides of the same coin; they go hand-in-hand. You can’t love someone you don’t trust and you can’t trust someone you don’t love. It is because you love that you trust. Like telling the person; “Hey, I don’t know if you’re gonna do all you say you’ll do but because I love you, I believe you will.”

In relationships, you can love someone without trust at first; in the beginning. But as time goes on, that love would be tested and tried and would be expected to grow into trust sooner or later. You’re going to have to trust that the person you love is all that they say they are.

For people who have trusted and been hurt many times, that can be difficult. How can you guarantee that if you trust yet another person they won’t hurt you again? In truth, you can’t. You can never know if the person you love most in this world is going to be the one to destroy you.

And if you are the one who has broken a trust in the past, you can’t take back the wrong you’ve done, but you can try to make up for it. It is this act that God sees and rewards us for and then absolves us of all sin. But you have to make an effort to make it right after you’ve realized your wrong. That’s how trust is.

If someone you trust hurts you, you have to be open to forgive and take the person back after they realize their mistake and apologize for it. And if you hurt someone that trusted you, you have to be able to realize your wrong and ask for forgiveness, then try as much as possible to make it right. It wouldn’t change what you did, but you always get an A for effort.

So don’t be afraid to trust. It is tricky, definitely. You never know when or if you are going to get hurt. But if you trust that even if that hurt ever comes it’ll work out for the best, then, it will. You have to be willing to jump in and trust that the water isn’t too deep. Is it risky? Definitely, it could always end badly. But it could also end wonderfully, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that, would you?


Author: Aderonke Adeleke

Writer. Music lover. Movie junkie. Social Media Enthusiast. Aspiring dancer. Aspiring photographer. Social Introvert.