Your 8 year old is not allowed to be friends with another girl in class because you are Yoruba and the girl is Igbo.

You have given advice to your unmarried cousin how she should better marry from your tribe, if possible, the next compound in your village because you can’t just trust people not from your ancestry.

You withdrew your son from his playgroup because there are more whites than blacks on play dates.

And that guy failed the interview with you because he’s male.

Now you complain about some racist remarks or cards pulled by another person.

You say someone is not fit to be because they are racist.

What exactly are you?

Who exactly are you?

Where exactly do you belong?

If you start by showing love to everyone, you won’t see so much hate in them. You won’t even realize when they are mean to you.

Love your neighbor as yourself!

I am not saying you back down on your standard, I am saying the moment you let Love take over, the moment you let God be the background, you realize it isn’t so difficult to let a woman be your coach!

Love is God, God is Love!

Author: Siju Yusuf