After an exciting build-up since the middle of the year, the movie ‘Magnificent Seven’ was officially released last Friday, September 23.

Starring Hollywood big names like Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt, Village Roadshow, MGM and Sony, co-financiers of the movie, will be looking to cash out real big on the remake of the 1960s “The Magnificent Seven”.

Not many expectant fans know the movie is a remake, but the movie does not stand alone in the remake category, it has other accomplices.




Below are a list of other popular Hollywood movies that are remakes:

‘Dinner for Schmucks’ (2010)

Based on: “The Dinner Game” (1998)

French comedy “The Dinner Game” inspired a number of remakes in different languages, one of which was this 2010 comedy starring Steve Carell and Paul Rudd. The biggest difference in this version was that Rudd’s character, Tim, was changed to be more likable and sympathetic.

‘The Departed’ (2006)

Based on: “Infernal Affairs” (2002)

Martin Scorsese drew heavily from the Hong Kong film “Infernal Affairs” for his 2006 crime drama. The general concept is the same in both films, with an undercover cop and a crooked detective each trying to expose the other. The difference, however, is that Scorsese shifted the location to Boston and based Jack Nicholson’s villain on local legend Whitey Bulger.

‘Meet the Parents’ (2000)

Based on: “Meet the Parents” (1992)

Before “Meet the Parents” spawned a massive franchise, it started life as a low-budget Indie comedy. Universal quickly snatched up the rights to the original film, crafting a remake that toned down the black humour and took a more crowd-pleasing approach.

‘Jungle 2 Jungle’ (1997)

Based on: “Un indien dans la ville” (1994)

“Jungle 2 Jungle” wasn’t exactly a critical darling in 1997, but what did Disney expect given how critically roasted the source material was three years earlier? This fish-out-of-water comedy followed the same formula as “Un indien dans la ville,” finding only slightly more success in the process.

‘Major Payne’ (1995)

Based on: “The Private War of Major Benson” (1955)

Would you believe that Damon Wayans and Charlton Heston essentially played the same character? Both “Major Payne” and “The Private War of Major Benson” are comedies that center around a gruff military instructor trying to whip a group of youngsters into shape.

‘Heat’ (1995)

Based on: “L.A. Takedown” (1989)

It’s a good thing critics and audiences responded so well to “Heat,” because director Michael Mann had a devil of a time getting the project made. In the late ’80s, Mann converted his screenplay into a TV pilot, which eventually saw life as a TV movie called “L.A. Takedown.” Fortunately, six years later, Mann was finally able to craft the heist drama he intended.

’12 Monkeys’ (1995)

Based on: “La Jetée” (1962)

Given that it recently inspired a TV series remake, it’s only fair that Terry Gilliam’s mind-bending sci-fi classic was itself inspired by other source material. “12 Monkeys” pulled many of its core ideas from “La Jetée,” a French short about time travel in a post-apocalyptic world.

‘True Lies’ (1994)

Based on: ” La Totale!” (1991)

Director James Cameron loosely (and we do mean loosely) drew from French comedy ” La Totale!” for his final collaboration with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The general concept of a secret agent leading a double life as a family man remained the same, but the one-liners and explosions were pure Schwarzenegger.

Author: Yemi Olarinre