Award-winning Indian writer and activist Mahasweta Devi, died of cardiac arrest and multiple organ failure on Thursday, aged 90, the BBC reports.

It reports that prior to her death she was admitted to the hospital on July 23 after suffering a major heart attack.

She was popularly known for her works related to the study of the Lodhas and Shabars, the tribal communities of West Bengal, women and those of dalits, another tribal group.

A number of her works, including the best-selling “Breast Stories’, have been translated into English from Bengali, and are also studied in universities across India.

Since her death made news, “Mahasweta Devi” has been trending on Twitter, particularly  in India.

“I would remember her as one of the most important writers in India because of the subjects she chose and remained faithful to them,” publisher Urvashi Bhutalia told the BBC.

“Her writing was a political battle for the downtrodden and she never compromised on her ideas. She was a very kind human being.”

Author: Ope Adedeji