It seems everyone, from me to you have run out of non-cliché, non-mainstream places to go and fun things to do on first dates. All the places you have gone to are now rather drab and lackluster.

Dinners at bars that used to be exciting have become too loud and uncomfortable, especially having to speak above the din. Food cafés in shopping malls are too overcrowded with teens and mummies. Fancy restaurants are too expensive. It never works with movies because ideally, you never get to talk as you should and isn’t that the essence of a first date, to get to know each other?

First dates should be fun. But if you’re on a low budget, your chances of making it fun is very unlikely. Nevertheless, there’s a way out. These are fun places to go or fun things to do on your first date:

Young Couple Lovers in Paris France

Young Couple Lovers in Paris France

1. Go on a walk: Sounds tiring right? But no, it’s actually fun. It should be an evening date mostly because the weather is cooler in the evening. This is a simple first date. First date do not need to be complex. It should be simple and relaxing. Walks are an easy way to unwind. You’d find that you’re both loosening up and getting to know each other. It’s an easy way to find out if you have things in common with the person you’re on a date with.

Stage play

2. See a stage play: As said earlier on, going to a movie is pretty worn out in the world of first date ideas. It’s too cliché and you might not even get to know each other at all. You can alternatively see a stage play. These are more interactive and enjoyable especially if you find a good one. It is one of the best ways to get to know what your date likes or dislikes.

Happy Picnic Couple with Wine Glasses

Happy Picnic Couple with Wine Glasses

3. A picnic: Go to a park or the beach with some food – sandwich, juice, a mat. Ensure that the picnic you create is cozy enough for both of you, but not too cozy, since you do not want to send the wrong idea. It should be simply relaxing. This way, you’re in a serene environment, and you do not even have to spend a lot of money.

Ice cream dates

4. Go for ice cream: This is one of the safest first date ideas. Pop into a store that sells fast food and ice cream and buy some ice cream. Ice creams are fun. Everyone loves ice cream.

Date at tourist point

5. The last way is to visit a tourist center in your town that neither of you has been to before.

Author: Ope Adedeji