Taking medication is something people are often averse to. This is due to unpleasant memories associated with taking medications as a child, or just the dread of swallowing bitter pills. This aversion often pushes us to stop taking medicines as soon as we believe we are healthy because we feel free of the symptoms.

Unfortunately though, even after all symptoms have been suppressed, causative pathogens like bacteria and the malaria parasite are still very much alive in our body. You only feel free of the symptoms because they have only been reduced in population.

When we fail to complete the course of our medication, the remaining pathogens multiply and re-infect us. This is why so many people end up being ill with the same condition in quick succession.

It is always important to complete the course of antibiotics and anti-malaria to get back to perfect health. In the wider population, this reduces the chances of pathogens becoming resistant to medication as they develop this when medication isn’t properly taken.


Author: Cerebral Lemon