Sometimes we get into dark moments when we feel alone… a girl walked out of your life, you got fired, you disappointed someone who trusted you, too broke to help yourself or anyone else, you keep a smile on while others think you’re the correct guy! Deep inside you wonder if you should talk to someone, or if you should “keep calm”.

Some other times you talk to your closest friends about your issues and they kind of give you that “it is well” advise because they too have no clue how to help you out. You become that guy drowning in the water, while others think you’re joking when you shout “Help!” and rather than helping, they bring out their phones to take a selfie with the caption “Funny guy trying to drown himself”, you are in the midst of people, but you are alone.

It is not good for man to be alone…

Many times, this is attributed to a man getting married and settling down, but most realise they have only begun to unsettle themselves after the wedding.

Perfect wife, imperfect fit, so the waters that should have come together to become a gentle ocean, becomes a clash of waves that would never sail a boat.

After satisfying the pressures from family and society, they realise they are not satisfied… so you may be married but realise the dream woman is not enhancing the dreams you thought you had, or a life’s challenge has kicked in so hard, it seems everything else falls apart.

Being alone is mostly a feeling, a perspective of your current reality, some things are more effective in keeping you connected.

Know what your life is all about, at least have an idea: it’s not about the job or how much money you want to make, it must be about a self-awareness that makes you understand who can travel your journey with you.

If you are a car, you cannot fall in love with beautiful tree, you have nothing to do together and will never be able to achieve anything… at the end one will crush the other, even though the wedding might have been the talk of the town… same goes for friendships, business and close associates.

In the grand scheme of things, being alone is relative… if you know what your life is about and what it’s worth, you will attract the right people to your life and you will be able to keep them without stress, you will also go out with courage to find what or who you need… till then, the number of people around won’t matter, you would still feel alone and that is the point where dying begins.

Who are you?

Author: MensTable

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