A man identified as Umar Manu in Katsina has killed his wife, Fatima Ibrahim in the hopes of getting the wealth left behind by her father. He has since been arrested.

Fatima is said to have inherited the majority of the wealth her father left behind. The father before his death was the regional manager of a major bank in Sokoto.

Since the death of the Fatima’s father, reports say the husband and wife had started quarreling over demands by Mr Manu on Fatima to use her inherited money to help him settle some debts.

According Fatima’s uncle, Mr. Babangida Habibu, “It was at this point that she chose to move out to a new place, where he still visits on the pretense of wanting to see his three-year-old son. On the day the murder was perpetrated, at about 8.30pm, Manu was in and out of the compound as though he was searching for something, before he finally left after 11.00pm but the next day, Fatima’s maid met her lifeless body on the bed with blood trickling from her mouth and bruises on one side of her face.”

Upon his arrest, Mr. Manu admitted his involvement in the murder of his wife.



Author: Yemi Olarinre